The magnificent seven! Meet the golden masters

SEVEN local runners ended up winning gold medals at the 2022 South West Masters Cross Country Championships held at Sidford, near Sidmouth, in East Devon.

Team spirit: Dan Thornton, Christine Rose, Anne Dockery, Graham Crump, Felicity Russell and Tony Roper

The range of champions encompassed ‘youngster’ Matt Wells, the former Olympic rower and now a highly committed member of Team Bath AC, to the considerably experienced Caroline Lavis of Hogweed Trotters in the over 75s age group.

Bristol & West AC runners picked up three titles with Tony Roper winning the over 55s age category while Christine Rose (W65) and Anne Dockery (W70) also racing to victory.

Awesome: Matt Wells of Team Bath AC

But titles were spread nicely around other local clubs too.

Westbury Harrier Jerry Musslewhite won the over 60s class and Clevedon AC runner Joanne Gallagher claimed victory in the over 45s age group.


M40:  Matt Wells (Team Bath)

M55: Tony Roper (B&W)

M60: Jerry Musslewhite (Westbury Harriers)

W45: Joanne Gallagher (Clevedon AC)

W65: Christine Rose (B&W)

W70: Anne Dockery (B&W)

W75: Caroline Lavis (Hogweed Trotters).

South West Veterans CCC, Sidford, near Sidmouth

Overall men: 1 Oliver White (Exm, M35) 20:30; 2 Matt Wells (TB, M40) 21:10; 3 Mike Musgrove (Exm, M50) 22:33; 4 Tony Roper (B&W, M55) 23:16; 5 Jerry Musslewhite (W’bury, M60) 23:24

Others: 14 Daniel Thornton (B&W, M55 3rd) 25:01; M60: 4 Graham Crump (B&W).

Women: 1 Joanna Gallagher (Clev, W45) 24:35; 2 Mary Derrick (Hogweed T, W60) 26:46; 3 Karen Shapland (Bid, W35) 27:29.

Others: 6 Felicity Russell (B&W, W60 3rd) 29:12; 8 Ann Dockery (B&W, W70 1st) 30:15; 9 Christine Rose (B&W, W65 1st) 30:22; 10 Caroline Lavis (Hogweed T, W75 1st) 30:36

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