May 18, 2020

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     Operating during Covid 19 update

We are open, but with a few tweaks to keep us all safeTo operate safely for our staff and customers we’ve implemented a number of measures in line with the UK Governments Pandemic response guidelines.


Our Shoe Fitting Service:

  For our Shoe Fit analysis process we incorporate the use of a Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Scanner to provide insight into which shoe might suit you best, and or video analysis which along with your input, helps you ascertain the right type of footwear based on your individual running needs and fit. It works better if you are prepared to do some running to help you with choosing the fit and feel, a member of our team will guide you through the process of choosing a shoe.


    For a clinical level Gait analysis, preventative and injury assessments, 3d gait analysis and podiatry services please book with RunLab!

To operate safely we have to limit the amount of customers in the shop at any one time.

To help us do this we have implemented a booking system which will take precedent over ‘walk in’ customers. ‘walk in’ customers please be aware that you will run the risk of being asked to return at a different day or time if the shop is at capacity.

Booked customers will be allowed 1 hour for for an assessment.

We will be carrying out regular cleansing between clients on high contact areas such as door handles, seating areas, till and treadmills.

From July 24th Staff & Customers will be required to wear a face covering, anybody not doing so will not be allowed entry.

The booking fee of £15 will be redeemed
against the price of the shoes if purchased or will count as the analysis charge if shoes aren’t purchased. This can however be used against shoes if they are purchased within 30 days of the analysis.

Please be aware your booking is transferable should you miss the appointment for any reason, it is however non refundable!!! We simply cannot afford to have slots booked and not used.

We respectfully ask for clients booking in or walk in customers, to either come alone or with 1 companion/carer only, as every extra body increases the risk and our ability to navigate the space safely.

Anybody wishing to exchange shoes they have purchased, or for straight replacements (like for like with no analysis) please call to arrange a time slot. We can also arrange to deliver.

The designated time slots are 60 minutes. As most fittings take around 45 mins this gives us approximately 15 mins between appointments for cleaning down, and resetting for the next client. 

We very much hope that these measures do not impact too severely on your visit, and we thank you in advance for helping us to slowly return to work so we can serve the running community for another 33 years.

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