Matt Hart Sports Podiatry


A dedicated sports podiatry clinic, offering bespoke, objective & scientific evaluation, specialising in analysis & injury management of the foot, ankle & lower leg. Matt aims to understand the history & mechanism of your injury, then implement a structured treatment & rehabilitation plan for your sporting or lifestyle needs

The lower limb is highly complex & when optimal function is compromised this can lead to a loss in performance, pain, eventual breakdown & injury. Our sports podiatry consultations provide assessment, & diagnosis for musculoskeletal foot, ankle & lower leg pain/injury. Our aim is to help you return to your sport or activity as quickly as is possible.

Sports podiatrists establish what the issue may be, identify risk factors that may have contributed to its onset, & work collaboratively with you to find solutions to resolve the problem & minimise the risk of further problems. We have experience working with both elite & non-elite sporting populations with acute & chronic injuries & non-sporting populations experiencing foot & ankle pain.

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Matt Hart Sports Podiatry

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