Top South West runners at the London Marathon

ACCORDING to the UK Athletics Power of 10 website Sean Hogan of Poole Runners and Avon Valley Runners’ former GB international Holly Rush were the fastest runners from the South West at this year’s London Marathon.

Hogan clocked a PB of 2:23.34 while Rush, now in the veterans’ over 40s age group, recorded 2:48.08. Her lifetime best is 2:37.35 which she ran 13 years ago in Zurich.

Personal best: Amy Partridge (far left) in the Bristol 10k

As we confirmed on the blog at the time the best local runners from Bristol and surrounding areas were Arthur Dickson-Bell and Annabel Granger.

Dickson-Bell, who is a member of Southville Running Club, ran a PB of 2:29.19 to finish sixth fastest from the South West on the day while Granger recorded 2:49.48.

Weston ACs over 40 veteran Susan Duncan also had a terrific run to clock a PB of 3:01.48 and Amy Partridge of Bristol & West clocked a PB of 3:03.33 to place third and fourth fastest locally.

And just behind them Rachel Stowell of Bitton Road Runners, also in the over 40s category, ran a splendid PB of 3:06.53.

Virgin London Marathon – TOP WEST MEN

Sean Hogan (Poole Runners) 2:23.34 (PB)

Robert Spencer (Bournemouth) 2:25.56 (PB)

Anthony Clark (BM, M40) 2:27.35 (PB)

Jamie Stephenson (Mile High) 2:28.22 (PB)

Donald Brooks (Maverick, Runners, M40) 2:29.03 (PB)

Arthur Dickson-Bell (SRC) 2:29.19 (PB)

Ben Renshaw (Bridport, M40) 2:29.19 (PB)

Nicholas Coyle (Stroud) 2:29.56 (PB)

Steven Yates (Twemlow, M35) 2:31.02 (PB)

Simon Fox (Exeter) 2:31.27 (PB)


Arthur Dickson-Bell

Liam Culliford (Mendip TRC) 2:36.13 (PB)

Dan Jones (Team Bath, M35) 2:36.15

Sam Wilson (GWR) 2:36.45

Benjamin Haines (Weston AC, M45) 2:37.06

Timothy Swinn (SRC) 2:38.00 (PB)

Benjamin Carr (Bristol Uni) 2:42.04 (PB)

Tom Dudden (Team Bath, M40) 2:44.45

Stephen O’Halloran (GWR, M45) 2:49.12

Leon Rumble (SRC, M40) 2:49.21 (PB)

Richard Boyes (B&W) 2:50.38 (PB)

Robbie Hicks (B&W, M40) 2:51.19

Gareth Williams (SRC, M35) 2:51.27

George Evans (Thornbury RC, M50) 2:52.35 (PB)

James Donald (Team Bath, M35) 2:52.36

Rob Lawrence (Team Bath) 2:53.34 (PB)

Oliver Aldridge (SRC) 2:53.36 (PB)


Holly Rush (Avon Valley Runners, W40) 2:48.04

Annabel Granger (B&W, W45) 2:49.48

Alison McEwing (Erme Valley) 2:51.47 (PB)

Zelah Morrall (Cornwall AC, W50) 2:55.18

Samantha Mare (SWRR, U23) 2:55.23 (PB)

Emily Freeman (Poole R) 2:57.29 (PB)

Kelly Dicks (GWR) 2:58.41 (PB)

Victoria Ratcliffe (Somer, W45) 2:59.21

Samantha Harris (Forest of Dean, W40) 3:00.42 (PB)

Susan Duncan (Weston, W40) 3:01.48 (PB)

Amy Partridge (B&W) 3:03.33 (PB)


Annabel Granger

Kelly Dicks

Susan Duncan

Amy Partridge

Rachel Stowell (Bitton RR, W40) 3:06.53 (PB)

Lizzi Pitt (TB) 3:15.14 (PB)

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