Super performances by Annabel and Katrina in Bristol

ANNABEL Granger continued her outstanding for this year with second place in the AJ Bell Bristol half marathon last weekend.

On the cusp of reaching the milestone of her 50th birthday Granger clocked a time of 81mins 57secs and while not her fastest if the year – she ran 79:47 in Farnborough in January – was remarkable considering that only three weeks previously she ran the London marathon in 2:45.21.

Bristol & West AC clubmate Daniella Bailey also made the podium in third wit a huge PB by 5mins 26secs of 82.09.

Clevedon AC’s Sam Tabber was a fine third in the men’s race breaking his PB by almost a minute-and-a-half with B&W’s Jonny Suttle fourth.

Meanwhile in the 10k event B&W’s Katrina Entwistle should be satisfied with her second place behind former GB international Gemma Steel especially as she shaved 25 seconds off her PB.

Entwistle will surely go well under 36 minutes at some point this year

AJ Bell Bristol half marathon – men: 1 Alex Milne (Hercules Wimbledon) 68:55; 2 Morgan Roberts (HHH) 69:27; 3 Sam Tabberner (Clev) 71:18; 4 Johnny Suttle (B&W) 71:36; 5 Elliott Avis (TBAC) 72:53;

7 Martin Reed (GWR) 73:14;

Women: 1 Charlie Arnell (Milton Keynes) 77:00; 2 Annabel Granger (B&W, W45) 81:59; 3 Daniella Bailey (B&W) 82:09;

7 Katie Hughes (WH) 87:41; 9 Sophie Walton (GWR) 88:49; 10 Susan Duncan (Weston) 89:16.

10k – women: 1 Gemma Steel (Charnwood) 34:09; 2 Katrina Entwistle (B&W) 36:11; 3 Ella Sharrock (Norwich) 37:19;

9 Bethan Francis (TB) 39:07; 10 Lucy Richens (WH) 40:01; 13 Hannah Dyer 40:32; 14 Clare Jolliffe 41:02; 290 Sarah Everitt 41:21.

Men: 1 Chris Thompson (AFD) 29:45; 2 Alex Carter (TB) 31:24; 3 James Reeder (TB) 31:37. Local: 7 Marcus Dunsford (B&W) 32:29; 9 Rob Farley (Bitt RR) 33:13; 10 Peter Grist (TB) 33:20.

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