Women’s Sportjock Super Sports Bra

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The Super Sport Bra works as a compression bra to offer maximum support during high impact activity, while offering real comfort and performance fabrics.
The Sportjock Super sport Bra has been designed specifically for  C, D, DD, E and F cup sizes.
The patented ‘Powerband’ sits under the bust to give complete support, the racer back offers back support and prevents straps from slipping down.
Sportjock Bra’s are made with CoolMax and Supplex which will help to keep you cool and dry and their design means that they can be worn as an outer or undergarment.

Sizing Guide

Which Bra?

Sportjock Sports Bras are fitted from your bra size so as long as you know your bra size it is very easy to choose the right Sportjock Bra. First, you need to establish which of the two major styles, Action Sport Bra or Super Sport Bra, is most suitable. This is determined by your ‘Cup Size’.

A, B, or C cup size we suggest that you try the Sportjock Action Sport Bra.

C, D, DD, E and F cup size we suggest that you try the Sportjock Super Sport Bra
If you are a C cup we would suggest trying both, however most C cup size women find the Sportjock Super S’port Bra a better fit.

What Size?

based on your bra size.

  • 28, 30 or 32″ sized bra is a ‘Small.’
  • 32, 34 or 36″ sized bra is a ‘Medium.’
  • 36, 38 or 40″ sized bra is a ‘Large.’
  • 40, 42 or 44″ sized bra is a ‘Extra Large.’
  • If you wear a 32, 36 or 40″ sized bra, we would recommend first trying a smaller size bra, e.g. the Medium will probably be a better fit for a woman that usually wears a 36″ bra.

Additional information

Clothes Size

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