Women’s Skins™ A200 Short Sleeve Compression Tee

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The A200 Short Sleeve Top: Engineered Compression Gradient helps your performance by delivering more oxygen the your muscles; helping to shape, tone and sculpt your body in any sport.

SKINS A200 compression Short Sleeve Tops, are designed to enhance your performance, whatever your sport.

Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your active muscles – so you can work harder to be man of the match, or to shave seconds off your PB half-marathon time.

SKINfit, which allows for a precision fit based on your BMI.
SKINfresh, built in antibacterial and antimicrobial features.
SKINtemp, optimises body temperature.
SKINUVblock, 50+ UV protection for the long days in the sun.

Engineered Compression Gradient: Providing the correct level of surface pressure.
Moisture Control: Drawing moisture away from the skin via advanced sweat wicking
Muscle Support: With the aim to reduce soft tissue damage and soreness after workout

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