Telic Unisex Flip Flop NVY

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Telic Unisex Flip Flops

Heat activated – reacts to your body temperature and conforms to the shape of your foot
Anatomically correct – carefully designed to offer great medial arch and metatarsal support. A subtle rocker helps offload pressure and accentuates arch support. Helps relieve the symptoms of common foot ailments, including plantar fasciitis
Textured footbed – gentle massaging effect that also helps to wick moisture away from your foot by allowing air to flow around and under
Waterproof – impervious to water; they float, are non-porous and are machine washable up to 30 degrees
Novalon Material – Novalon is lightweight and super soft. The unique blend of elasto-polymers provides exceptional cushioning, rebound and elasticity. Telic footwear not only absorb shock, but they have a noticeable “bounce-back” effect – meaning they retain their shape for longer. The elasticity of the material provides a secure, snug fit for a variety of foot shapes

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3XL, 3XS, XL


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