Men’s Ron Hill Stride Windspeed Jacket

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Every runner can appreciate the benefits of this Stride windspeed, weather resistant jacket. Perfect for most days, when it’s not raining, a wind resistant jacket will be the most comfortable option for some protection from wind chills and a light rain. Excellent breathability light moisture resistance. Through experience and research Ronhill know that the ideal wind resistant jacket has an air permeability of around 5.

(Air permeability measures how wind resistant any fabric is with a score of 0 being totally windproof, whilst a result of around 5 means that the trade-off between wind resistance and breathability is at the ideal level for runners).

Features: 100% Polyester, water resistant, wind resistant, reflective trim, secure pocket, venting tab, breathable, activelite, relaxed fit
Weight: 151g

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R424 Cobalt/Black


Extra Large


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