Men’s Mizuno Impulse Core Tee

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Developed for training sessions and multi-sports usage, the Impulse Core T-Shirt offers a variety of technologies that help you perform at your optimal level.

Mizuno have added their unique DryLite technology that works incredibly hard to wick sweat as it’s produced. Once wicked, the moisture is transferred to the outer layers of the fabric where it can be easily evaporated. This process ensures you stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout intense exercise. In addition, the tee is integrated with DynamotionFit technology that is based on anatomical research to create patterns that give improved garment fit and a full range of motion. The DynamotionFit allows you to move and stretch freely without encountering any restrictions. Mizuno’s Blindstitch construction provides flat seams that eliminate the chances of chafing and skin irritation which in turn offers enhanced comfort. Lastly, the t-shirt is finished off with NightLite technology that is designed to enhance your visibility during low-light conditions, keeping you safe and seen when running by the roads.

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