Men’s asics Glideride 001

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The GLIDERIDE™ shoe helps you run longer while expending less energy. GUIDESOLE™ technology in the sole is the key function in the GLIDERIDE™ shoe. Improved cushioning, which is a result of FLYTEFOAM™ technology and GEL™ technology cushioning also helps reduce the overall load on the foot. The stiff forefoot and dynamically curved sole increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle joint. Additionally, the shoe’s center of mass is closer to the heel, so it’s easier to swing the foot forward.  The rolling motion you feel in this shoe actually propels the foot forward for increased efficiency by reducing the forward movement of the ankle. This lets you run farther with less effort.


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Shoe Width



001 Black/GraphGrey

Men's Shoe Size

10, 11.5, 13, 8, 9


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