Ill winds see Ironwood Challenge called off

NAILSEA Running Club has decided to postpone the Ironwood Challenge multi terrain race on Sunday.

With the weather forecast predicting more problems over the weekend the club felt it was only sensible to pull the plusg on the race and seek an alternative date.

‘Our priority is the safety of the runners, spectators and the many volunteers acting as marshals,” said a statement issued by NRC.

Sophie Voller of Westbury Harriers was top woman in the 2020 Ironwood Challenge race

‘The potentially hazardous conditions would have presented too much of a risk to all involved. However, at this stage, the event is not cancelled.

‘We are already in discussion with the Forestry Commission and Long Ashton Community Centre about a suitable date in the not too distant future when we can proceed with it.

‘This has become a very popular event, having sold out in around four weeks this year. We also know from previous comments, that many of you really enjoy the event (especially the mud and cake!).

‘As a club, we are very grateful of this support and we are going to do everything we can to ensure you get to enjoy it again this year.’

The club will confirm a new date as soon as possible and confirmed that any entrants unable to make that will be entitled to a refund.

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