Bristol & West captain’s half-time verdict on league campaign

BRISTOL & West AC men’s team captain Caspar Eliot has delivered an upbeat verdict at the halfway stage of the British Men’s League.

The second match at Watford on Saturday saw the club repeat their fifth place in a fiercely contested competition in which Bristol & West finished just 30 pints off third and 42.4pts off top spot .

“The sprints and distance were absolutely fantastic on the day, we were in the top three of every flat track race (with the exception of the DQ in the 4×100),” said Eliot.

“Theo Campbell, Freddie Owsley, Joe Thornton, Alex Daley all took great wins along with excellent debuts this season from Harry Lane and William Christofi for third places in very strong A races and a good guest appearance from David Bishop.

“The hurdles was lacking a little with no B steeplechaser, but huge thanks to Oliver Jefferies for pitching in on the B string 400 hurdles and another excellent PB from future GB chaser Steve Mitchell. “Again, the field was a slight issue but those who were there were fantastic, Alexandros Froudakis and Sam Boulton threw multiple PBs, Luke Bailey put himself about and got a good third in the Pole Vault and Adam Wall got a win in the High Jump. Thanks, too, to Paul Weston for filling in as well as coaching.

“We are currently fifth in the league, but only 82 match points in total behind Harrow in first. That gives you an idea as to how tight this league is!

“Also, the first two matches have been in London (or the South East) so effectively home matches for the top four clubs, while the next is in Derby – a long way for them but the same distance for us.

“I anticipate Nene Valley and Notts being stronger while the top four will be weaker – this represents a HUGE opportunity for us to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and give ourselves a shout of promotion going into August.

“Roger (Brocklesbury, team manager) and I have a few new faces we’re hoping to bring in (two specialist javelin throwers) and we have some more returners in Matt Spicer and potentially Richard Peters – let’s get the strongest Bristol and West team out we can and really give promotion a go!”

Division Town overall after two matches: 1 Harrow AC 16pts (654); 2 Thames Valley Harriers 14 (630); 3 Crawley AC 12 (604); 4 Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 10 (593); 5 Bristol & West AC 8 (572); 6 Notts AC 6 (551); 7 Nene Valley Harriers 4 (458.5); 8 Gateshead Harriers 2 (254.5).